• “Caskie Web Solutions redesigned our website, www.jgoevents.com.   They listened to our needs and offered solutions.

    Their experience and guidance provided us with a new website that exceeded our expectations.”

    Mike Goebel, Owner
    San Ramon, CA
  • “Caskie's web design services are more than just designing a site. He becomes a business partner with years of experience to help you design a site that will maximize your 'message' and in my case, increase in sales.  

    The one area that stands out is his understanding that site design is a process that moves around as the site is being created.  He was open to modifications and feedback to insure the design is exactly what I wanted as a finished product.  

    I have recommended his services to others and will continue to do that in the future.”
    Steve Degener, Owner
    Clayton, CA
  • “Caskie Web Solutions has built two shopping websites for us and our business is booming.

    We have the tools to manage our online business; products, photos, pricing and orders – we can even change featured items on the home page.

    We highly recommend Caskie web solutions."

    Tony Brading, Owner
    Berkeley, CA
  • “As a small company competing against some large international firms, our web presence is critical. If we are going to be given serious consideration in a highly competitive market, we must present ourselves very professionally. 

    Caskie has given us the look we need.”
    Tony McKenzie, President
    Moraga, CA
  • “We needed a CMS system that would allow us to make frequent changes to our website; maintain our databases of members, sponsors, judges, programs, and events; and – it had to be easy to use and bullet proof so club volunteers could manage everything.

    Caskie Web Solutions gave us all this, plus we can now add new sections and new pages at will, turn sections off and on for our seasonal events, and much, much more.  

    We are thrilled with the design modifications that allow us to manage our website without difficulty to keep it current and informative.”
  • I used Caskie Web Solutions and I'm glad I did! John is local and a good guy.  I was in the process of starting my own business and chose to go with a more tech approach to marketing rather than the yellow pages.  

    John took everything I had in mind and his suggestions and turned it into a great website in a relatively short amount of time.

    When compared to other web designers, Caskie is the best.
    Darren Sant
    San Ramon, CA