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Custom Web Applications

Customized web applications allow businesses to take full advantage of all the Internet has to offer.

Some Ways to Use Web Applications

  • Business Portals
    Your website can provide a single point of service for your customers, your field personnel and your office staff.  For example, your field sales force can submit orders directly to the office via your website.  Your customers can also place orders and submit RFQs through your website.

  • Sales Applications
    Generate leads and sales, track sales opportunities and efficiencies, grow your business effectively and efficiently.

  • Human Resources
    Employeees can manage their benefits, deductions, vacation schedule and dependents through your website.

  • Integration with Existing In-House Systems
    Your website can be completely integrated with production scheduling, inventory control, payroll and accounting - even customer service.

Typical Benefits

  • Web Applicationsstreamlines your operations & saves times
  • increases your productivity & reduces labor costs
  • provides powerful business building tools
  • strengthens your customer relationships
  • improves communication with customers, suppliers and staff
  • centralizes your operations
  • enhanced processes
  • improved reporting and control
  • dramatically reduces paperwork

Recent Projects

Industry Solutions

You don't need to re-invent the wheel or spend money for custom software. We have already created complete solutions for the following markets that are robust, reliable and easy-to-use. Yes, they can be customized too.

  • Hospital Gift Shops
  • Online Class Scheduling & Registrations
  • Insurance Claim Private Investigators

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Customer Testimonial

Featured Website

“Caskie’s solution for our business … dramatically increased sales … reduced our costs … improved customer satisfaction…gave me more time.  Now I run my business, it doesn’t run me.”

Anthony Passanisi, President
Passanisi Investigations
San Francisco, CA
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Customer Testimonial

Featured Website

"… took us from faxes and phone calls to a modern web service.  It’s great! 

We can even import our sales directly into Quickbooks every day.  No more entering invoices manually.  A couple of clicks and all of our invoicing is done. 

Business is way up, costs are way down and I have instant access to my business in real time through the dashboard they created for me."

Lee Scott, President
Brentwood, CA
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