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We Design and Develop for the Web and Mobile Devices

Full service website design and development since 1995.
We are e-business experts.

We provide outstanding website design, full-featured shopping carts and search engine optimization.

We have extensive experience developing custom web applications that will improve your company's efficiency, reduce your costs and help grow your sales.  Real business builders!

Easy-to-use content management systems give you the tools to manage your website yourself.

And, all of this is backed up by our full service, worry-free website & email hosting with live customer support.

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Custom Web Solutions
Caskie Web Solutions can help you with everything from securing the right domain name for your website to designing and developing a full featured e-commerce website or online business application, including Content Management System, Search Engine Optimization and web hosting.

We specialize in custom websites - no templates here. Your business deserves the best, not a copy of someone else's website.  If you have a vision for a new business or product, need a custom web application or want something unique to enhance your online presence, our team of web experts can help you distill your thoughts into a plan of action, and then build a custom solution that meets your specific needs.

1-Stop e-CommerceOur custom solutions include;

  • Online business applications
  • Customer & employee portals
  • E-Commerce Websites (retail & wholesale)
  • E-Brochure websites
  • Content Management Systems (CMS)
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Custom web site graphic design and logos
  • Web & email hosting
  • And much more....

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Our Development Process
We have a well-defined, high quality process that makes your web site building experience easy and productive. There are eight stages that we will work through together as we develop your web site.
  1. Investigation & Discussion: This is where we meet with you to discuss your ideas, gain an understanding of your business and learn your needs and objectives. We don't hesitate to offer suggestions for your consideration.

  2. Planning: We now develop our plan for your project; the Scope of Work. This details every aspect of your new web site and will be used as our blueprint for building your new website. This may be reviewed and revised several times before it is finalized and will put everything in writing so both of us are on the same page at all times.

  3. Best Web Design AwardDesign: We will provide you with a sample layout for your new web site for your review and feedback. There are usually several iterations in this process as we develop the perfect "Look & Feel" for your website design.

  4. Requirements: As we are developing your website's design, you will put together all of the content.

  5. Build: The merger of design and content where we build out your web site.

  6. Review and Comment: This is an ongoing process as we want you to review your site at all times through the process. When the site is complete, you will have a final opportunity to make minor changes.

  7. Test and QA: Our QA team performs in-depth testing and review to make sure there are no programming bugs and ensure that your minor changes have been completed.

  8. Launch: After completion of Testing and QA, we make your site live for the world to see. Your web site vision becomes a reality.

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