Our Process

Over the last 20 years, we have developed a well-defined, high quality process for developing websites. There are eight stages that we will work through together as we develop your web site.

  1. Investigation & Discussion: This is where we meet with you to discuss your ideas, gain an understanding of your business and learn your needs and objectives. We don't hesitate to offer suggestions for your consideration.

  2. Planning: We now develop our plan for your project; the Scope of Work. This details every aspect of your new web site and will be used as our blueprint for building your new website. This may be reviewed and revised several times before it is finalized and will put everything in writing so both of us are on the same page at all times.

  3. Design: We will provide you with a sample layout for your new web site for your review and feedback. There are usually several iterations in this process as we develop the perfect "Look & Feel" for your website design.

  4. Requirements: As we are developing your website's design, you will put together all of the content.

  5. Build: The merger of design and content where we build out your web site.

  6. Review and Comment: This is an ongoing process as we want you to review your site at all times through the process. When the site is complete, you will have a final opportunity to make minor changes.

  7. Testing and QA: Our Quality Assurance team performs in-depth testing and review to make sure there are no programming bugs and ensure that your minor changes have been completed.

  8. Launch: After completion of Testing and QA, we make your site live for the world to see. Your web site vision becomes a reality.

When you're ready to give us your specific needs, please submit this form for a free, no obligation estimate.